5 Tips On How To Pack A Piano For Long-Distance Moving


Moving pianos can be incredibly challenging. They are large and heavy and have many delicate parts that you must adequately protect to ensure the safety of your instrument throughout the moving process. Here are five tips for packing your piano safely and efficiently.

1. Hire a Professional Piano Mover

Unless you have experience packing delicate instruments, it’s best to leave packing and transport your piano long-distance to professionals. Hiring a professional mover will save you time and help ensure that your prized possession arrives safely at its destination.

They’ll ensure that they protect all of its parts with plenty of padding- you don’t want any keys or strings getting damaged in transit! Additionally, select movers that provide insurance coverage for your instrument. You can contact Meyer Inc Moving company for specialized requirements regarding piano packing.

2. Use High-Quality and Appropriate Materials to Pack Your Piano

A piano is an expensive and delicate piece of equipment that you should care about during packaging and transportation. Ensure you use appropriate materials to pack your piano and pack it securely to prevent damage. A packaging material that provides adequate protection against shocks, vibrations, temperature changes, moisture, dust, and mechanical stress will help ensure your piano arrives in perfect condition.

It’s also important to remember that pianos are heavy – so if you don’t have experience moving them yourself, consider hiring professional movers. It would help if you also used packaging suitable to protect your equipment from moisture and humidity. Water can cause swelling or warping of wood and metal parts, leading to permanent damage.

3. Remove All Attached Items and Accessories from Your Piano

Before packaging and transporting your piano, it’s crucial to remove all of its accessories and attached items, such as pedals and stands. Also, remove any music or other paper documents from your piano so they don’t get lost in transit.

Make sure to keep these items organized; if you have extra room in your moving truck, it might be helpful to pack them separately. If not, make sure to secure them well within your piano so they don’t move around during transportation. Removing the accessories helps ensure that your piano will fit into the moving container properly and won’t shift while being transported. It also prevents damage caused by excessive weight on certain piano parts.

4. Use a Dolly to Carry Your Instrument to the Moving Truck

Dolly’s can help you move heavy objects, like pianos, without straining your back. They allow you to push and pull heavy items with greater ease than traditional methods. To move an upright piano, place it on its side, secure it with ropes and straps, and use a hand truck or dolly to wheel it from the moving truck to your new home.

However, always ensure you safely package your piano before loading it onto your dolly. You don’t want to scratch up your instrument by dragging it across pavement or other rough surfaces. Always protect your piano by placing moving blankets underneath and over the top while transporting it via dolly.

5. Secure the Moving Boxes with Moving Straps

Even with safe packaging, it’s crucial to secure your boxes well. Moving straps are a cheap and easy way to ensure that your piano is as secure as possible in transit. Using well-secured moving straps will keep everything from shifting during transport. A reliable mover should be able to supply you with enough moving straps and adequately secure your piano. You can usually purchase additional straps at local hardware stores or home improvement centers if you need them.


Pianos are large, heavy, and fragile. There’s no way around it—you’re going to have to get help moving your piano. Talk to your piano movers about what kind of packaging they use, and discuss how you can best secure your baby grand before its long journey. Though it may not be easy or cheap, protecting that investment is crucial if you want it to make it safely across town.

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