5 Simple Tips for Choosing the Best Cleaning Service


Some jobs just need to be hired out. Not everyone has the time to get to window or carpet cleaning. And if you’re considering hiring a cleaning service these are some tips you should consider first.

  1. Determine Your Cleaning Service Needs

The type of cleaning service you hire will depend largely on your needs. Are you seeking a residential or commercial cleaner? What’s the size of the space? Do you need full-service cleaning or are there some tasks that will be tended to by someone else?

Answering those questions among others will help you determine what type of cleaning service you need. Don’t hire a residential cleaner for your large corporate office space. Consider this service for commercial cleaning needs.

  1. Get Quotes From a Few Providers

It’s always smart to get quotes from several providers in your area. That way you can have a realistic expectation for what you’ll need to pay for a high-quality service. And you’ll be able to find the best value for your money.

If you get a lower quote from a similar provider you can even use that as a negotiating tool with other cleaning services.

  1. Does My Cleaning Service Need Insurance?

You will likely pay less for a cleaning service that doesn’t provide insurance, but it’s not recommended. Whether you’re having a home or office space cleaned, there’s likely valuable equipment or possessions.

It’s not likely that anything would get damaged during the cleaning process. But it’s always a good idea to make sure that the cleaning company is insured in case of that situation.

Many companies will also provide bonds that protect their clients in case of any criminal activity on the part of the person who enters the home to clean it.

  1. Ask for References

Once you find a cleaning service that seems to meet your needs, ask if they can provide some references from their past work.

Getting honest feedback from past clients can help you to determine if this really is the right company to choose. If they can’t provide any good references, it might be an indication that they don’t have clients who are generally pleased with their work. In the case where they can’t provide any references, we recommend that you move on to your next option.

  1. Read the Fine Print

Sometimes cleaning services require you to sign a contract that obligates you to agree to a length of services. This is simply one of the ways that cleaning companies maintain profitability. There’s nothing inherently wrong with signing a contract, but it is vital that you read through it thoroughly prior to any kind of agreement.

We know that reading the fine print on a contract doesn’t fill most people with joy. But you’ll be glad you did, especially if it prevents you from being locked into something you don’t want.

Remember This

Once you’ve followed these tips it’s important to remember to trust your instincts. Now you can enjoy the benefits of having a cleaning service in your home or office.

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