5 Reasons Why Roller Shutters Make Sense


The modern aluminium roller shutters are a far cry from their ancestors, with smooth automated movement and adjustable blades, they offer the homeowner many benefits. Bespoke solutions and a range of materials allows for a unique design that complements the property, and with a range of colours and designs, you can transform the look of your home. If you have never considered roller shutters, here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy by installing this innovative screening.

  1. Total Security – Security shutters are designed to look good, but that takes nothing away from the strength and durability that extruded aluminium offers. Thieves are familiar with such screening and would simply look for another target if they ever encountered a home with roller shutters. They are also ideal for the coastal climate in New South Wales, and there are many fine examples of roller shutters in Sydney that provide the ultimate security, especially if the home is unoccupied for long periods.
  1. Storm Protection – We all know how bad coastal storm can be, with flying debris crashing around, your windows are at serious risk, yet with made to measure roller shutters, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that nothing will penetrate the screening. If you have a holiday home that faces the ocean, you really do need serious protection against high winds, and the anodised aluminium is more than a match for the corrosive atmosphere. 100kph winds can send even heavy objects flying through the air, and without the protection of roller shutters, your property is at risk of damage.
  1. Sound Insulation – Having roller shutters fitted dives you an extra layer of sound insulation, which is ideal if you fancy an afternoon nap and wish to eliminate the exterior noise. As the units are made to measure, this ensures a higher level of sound insulation and many homeowners are pleasantly surprised at how quiet things are.
  1. Fire Protection – Bush fires are always a threat, and with aluminium roller shutters, you have a strong and fire resistant material that will keep the flames at bay. The windows would be typical fire entry points, but will a wall of aluminium in the way, this would buy you considerable time and might actually save your home.
  1. Thermal Insulation – Roller shutters will help keep the home cool in the summer months, while also retaining the interior heat in the winter, and this means using less energy. The hot summer makes our a/c work very hard, and with the shutters closed, no sunlight can enter the interior, and this helps keep the temperature at the desired level.

If you are thinking that all these benefits come at a cost to the appearance of the property, think again, as modern slimline designs in a range of colours offers the homeowner a unique opportunity to add some character. If you would like to know more about the different styles of external roller shutters, an online search will give you a list of suppliers, and hopefully, there is one in your immediate area.

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