5 Facts About Heating Oil That You Should Know


Contrary to what some people believe, heating oil is safe, abundant, and clean. This fuel is now biodegradable. It is also 95 percent cleaner than it was in the past, and it is continually improving. Individuals who want to be more financially and environmentally responsible are now choosing to heat their homes during the cold winter months using heating oil. A high-quality heating system should meet the threshold of your comfort and that of your family.

As a homeowner and customer, you always need to do research before making important decisions such as switching your home heating system. Having a good grasp of all vital facts will help you make a more informed choice and empower you. Today’s heating oil system is an excellent alternative to the traditional natural gas and electricity systems. Below are five facts about heating oil that you ought to know.

1.It is environmentally friendly

In the history two decades, the sulfur content in heating oil has been significantly reduced from more than 1 percent to a surprising 0.5 percent. This is a reduction of more than 93 percent, which has played a major role in combating air pollution. Oil burner emission levels have also been significantly reduced to almost zero.

In 2004 a German research discover that heating oil is anymore for the environment likable rather more organic gas in conditions of general outflow. The entire natural gas cycle, including processing, production, and transport, results in massive emissions that have adverse effects on the environment.

2.Oil Supplies meet the demand

Despite natural disasters, political unrest, and other similar factors, there are enormous volumes of crude oil and reserves to last a long time. This is attributed to the fact that over 36 countries globally produce large amounts of oil, which keeps the oil supplies flowing. Technological advancements have also made sure that these production and supply remain consistent for the foreseeable future. Massive reserves are continually being discovered, and sources that were seen as unusable are now becoming viable.

All this ensures that you will have a steady oil supply throughout for your heating oil systems. It also means that you have the privilege of choosing the dealers offering the best home heating oil prices, thus enabling you to save money.

3.It is safe

You can only ignite your oil using an advanced burning system within your furnace. That means that if you throw a lit match into the heating oil, it will fizzle out as if it has been thrown into the water. Oil is not explosive, unlike natural gas. Furthermore, inhaling its fumes is not fatal. The chances of carbon monoxide poisoning occurring within your home are very low with this system.

However, suppose you, unfortunately, happen to experience a malfunction and carbon monoxide leaks into your house you will be able to quickly tell because of signs such as odors, smoke, or soot. Therefore, you will be able to act before dangerous levels of carbon monoxide engulf your entire house. Systems using natural gas or propane don’t give you any warnings of carbon monoxide release or production.

4.It is energy-efficient

Averagely, heating oil will burn more efficiently than gas by about 16 percent. New oil heating systems offer an impressive living prospect of thirty or more years as long as you maintain it properly. That is compared to the standard gas furnace life expectancy of eleven to fourteen years. The efficiency rating of these new appliances and systems also ranges between 83 and 95 percent. Updating your heating system to an energy-efficient heating oil system will prove beneficial over a short period, provide more warmth to your residence, and add value to your home.

Moreover, using an oil-fueled heater for your water will double that of a gas heater in the hot water recovery rate. Heating oil also produces 140,000 BTUs of heat compared to the 100,000 BTUs from natural gas per gallon. You have to burn 40 percent more gas to get the same heating results as those of heating oil.

5.Oil heat is dependable and clean

Currently, oil heat is 95 percent cleaner than that from 1970. These new systems, therefore, produce no dirt, odor, or soot. Because it is safe, you can store as much heating oil Manchester NH as you need on your property. Also, when you choose the right supplier, you will enjoy local customer service, automatic delivery, and support whenever you need it. Henceforth you will not need to worry about running out of oil, especially deep into the winter.

Knowing all the facts regarding oil heat puts you in a better position to make important decisions about your home heating system. From these facts, it is clear that opting for an oil heating system serves your best interest.

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