5 Exterior Home Maintenance Routines You Can’t Ignore


Maintaining a nice home isn’t just about keeping the inside clean. It’s also about maintaining your home’s curb appeal. Not only that, but regular upkeep helps to prevent major repairs down the line.

Do you need a few home maintenance tips? If so, check out these upkeep suggestions below:

  1. Monitor Cracks in the Foundation

When it comes to home maintenance, one of the primary flaws to look for are cracks in the foundation. Be sure to inspect the foundation on a regular basis for wear and tear. Although small cracks—like hairline cracks—are normal, you should always take them seriously.

Depending on where the splits are located, it could be an indication of a major problem.

Cracks that are ⅛-inch or less, seal and monitor them regularly.

However, for cracks that are ¼ inches or less, those should be taken seriously. They’re probably caused by movement in the foundation, so you must reach out to a structural engineer for repairs.

  1. Clean Out the Gutters

Dirty gutters can completely ruin the look of your home. Always make sure that you’re cleaning out the debris and leaves from it. Not only will it make your home look better, but it’ll ensure that way water continues to properly drain off of the roof.

  1. Yard Maintenance

A yard that’s full of weeds and high grass overshadows the beauty of a house. Keep your grass cut and your garden maintained. You may not be a stickler for a crisp yard with perfect green grass, but you should still put in a decent amount of effort into the exterior maintenance.

  1. Repair Rotting Wood

Homes with rotting wood have poor curb appeal. Not only that, but when wood rots it leads to some serious issues—like leaks and water damage. Perform regular home maintenance to ensure that the wood around your house is in good condition.

Also, apply new paint to areas that need a touch up. A fresh coat of paint will prevent rotting down the line.

  1. Caulk Gaps

Another important aspect of home maintenance is covering gaps. Sometimes gaps are formed under doors and windows. However, by adding a layer of caulk, it extends the life of your home’s structure.

Furthermore, it helps with insulation. When there are gaps under the doors and windows, it’ll create a cold draft and make it easier for insects to enter your home.

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Exterior Home Maintenance: Bring Your House to Life

The quickest way to make a house look run down is to neglect home maintenance and dismiss curb appeal. Your goal should always be to keep your house looking good—not only for the property value, but to keep it in good condition.

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