5 Easy & Excellent Ways To Maintain Hotel Supplies & Amenities


*You have been travelling to Shimla every year and there’s only one hotel you love to stay, everytime* Ever wondered why? May be your answer is – “the classy ambiance accompanied with comfy furniture and best quality hotel amenities” and yes may be that demands you to stay there FOREVER. But do you know the hidden mystery for such extra rich culture and care ‘EVERYTIME’ you get? Well, we are about to reveal the secret, it’s the care, the MAINTENANCE done at regular intervals.

In simple terms, you can easily compare a successful hotel to a reliable car. How? Knocking your grey cells? Each of them reliably performs well at its peak, both have to be maintained and best thing both will last long if dealt with care. Yes, a successful restaurant has many factors to consider, but remember just one defective equipment can decide a restaurant’s success meter.

Here, based on the above paragraphs, we can clearly say the issue of equipment maintenance is pretty huge. So to make sure that your hotel supplies stays in best working condition and last long as possible, it’s your mere duty to involve in daily maintenance deeds and keep the amenities clean on regular basis. It is critical to keep all your appliances and commercial products in good condition to not just obtain top performance, but ensure they are safe to use every time.

Best 5 TIPS for maintenance are –

  • Clean Equipments ‘EVERYDAY’ : Cleaning the equipment after use is the optimal way to prevent grime, dust and rust which can result in equipment wear down because of food that are left to rot.
  • Clean In Right Way : Adopt the right cleaner and cleaning method for every hotel supply. Make sure you clean them after reading the machine’s operation manual. Moreover, as most of the restaurant amenity is manufactured from stainless steal, be sure to use meek detergents, soft clothes and at last wash them with the grin to stay away from staining and corrosion.
  • Regular Equipment Inspection : Stay away from large problems by checking the equipment’s components, connections and moving parts. Shout before falling into a wide trap.
  • Take Care Of Major Malfunctions : When you find a malfunction, look if the problem can be resolved in house only. In case he answer is no, the optimum solution is to get in touch with professional handyman or authorized service agent to repair. Failure of repair to such malfunction oftenly leads to more costly problems, so the wise decision is to contact the professional.
  • Use Restaurant Equipment For Their Designed Use ONLY : The improper use of equipment will ultimately result in malfunction or shorter life span. You need to make sure that the equipment is used in the right way by your employees and is being maintained regularly.

Furthermore, yes employees are reason for success, but remember they are only good as long as the tools they are working with are good. Even the best certified master chef can’t create a masterpiece with the help of broken, unreliable equipment. Giving importance to the restaurant’s equipment will surely be beneficial.  By taking care of the equipment’s you are not just improving the state of your equipment, but the employees will do the jobs far better and this leads to happy customers.

“Happy customers = Success = Happy You”

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