If you are looking to bet on an indoor plant that is guaranteed to create a lovely, beautiful and harmonious environment in your home, you can bet on orchids. Most people love orchids because they are easy to grow, take care and maintain. No wonder orchid plants are found in many homes.

Growing orchids does not require very technical skills. It simply requires understanding orchids, the conditions that enhances their growth. Once you understanding the condition which makes orchids to grow, you simply create that environment.

To enhance orchid care, the primary condition must be created. Orchids grow very well as long as the right environment has been created. The following are the core conditions under which orchids grow, thrive and bear fruits:

  1. Availability of Host
  2. Sufficient Sunlight
  3. Temperature & Humidity
  4. Watering & Feeding

Availability of Host

Availability of host is the first requirement for orchid care. Orchids are epiphytic plants which grow on top of hosts like pebbles, stones and barks. Orchids do not grow by spurring holes in the soil and germinating like other way other plants do. They break into their host, as long as there is humidity, the right temperature and sunlight.

The type of orchid plants that is grown determines the grade of host required. For instance, Phalaenopsis orchids grow in course barks, young orchids grow in fine barks and cattleyas in medium bark. To each species of orchid, the right kind of host must be provided.

Sufficient Light

Once the right kind of host has been made available for the orchid plant to grow, they have to be planted through shallow planting procedure. Once this is done, they have to get enough moist and be expose to the direct, bright light.

Even though orchids love light, too much light would most likely cause the leaf to scorch. Insufficient light on the other hand will lead to poor flowering. Therefore the right amount of light must be provided in orchid care. In the growing season, orchids often thrive and survive in about 15 degrees cooler at night than during the day.

Appropriate Temperature & Humidity

Orchids can grow in an environment with a fluctuating temperature. However, they grow very well in an environment with about 80 degrees during the day and about 50-60 degrees at night. AT the same time, orchids require the right amount of moist to grow.

Since the winder is often dry, orchids don’t grow well in the winter. With the right amount of humidity, orchids can be able to spring forth when they are being placed in a tray of wet pebbles. They break into the pebbles, and shoots off their roots from the pebbles.

Water & Feeding

Water and feeding is necessary in orchid care (see Suppleplant for quality plant care). Adding considerable amount of watering at regular intervals will prevent the orchid flowers from drying up. To know when to add water, just poke your hands into growing orchid. Once you notice that the growing flower is dry, the orchid needs to be watered. The water should also be applied in moderation.

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