4 Tips on Using Solar Power for New Homeowners


Solar power’s one of the greatest energy innovations of recent times. It saves money on utility bills, increases the value of your home, and it’s an environmentally-friendly solution for your energy needs.

No wonder, the demand for solar installations has increased by 49% in the last decade.

If you’ve recently got on board with this trend by installing solar panels in your home, you can benefit even more with these tips to make the most out of using solar power in your home.

  1. Make Energy Storage a Priority

Your solar batteries are among the most important components of any solar power system. Get expert advice on choosing the right size batteries for your home to ensure you don’t waste any of the benefits you can gain from sunny days.

Without efficient energy storage, you’ll only get to use between 30 and 50% of the power captured by your solar panels. Choosing good quality battery storage takes that figure up to 100%.


  1. Get a Solar Generator for Backup

Much like your batteries, a solar generator stores the sun’s power in a portable battery. This comes in handy during times of high demand, when there’s little sunlight or if your solar power system malfunctions.

A portable solar generator’s also an excellent idea when you need power in areas without an electrical outlet like when you go camping.

It charges just like your other solar batteries but you use as a standby, much like you’d use a fossil-fuel-powered generator. It’s important to research solar generator reviews for this important backup system so you’re assured of top-quality performance when you need it most.

  1. Using Solar Power Wisely

Although solar power will lower energy bills in your home that doesn’t mean you needn’t take steps to lower your power usage.

If you don’t take steps to conserve power, you could end up draining your batteries needlessly and run out of energy when you most need it.

Your solar panels can only charge your batteries as long as the sun is shining. So, if you use up all your electricity during the daytime, you could find yourself in the dark when night falls.

So take all the usual steps to conserve electricity in your home. Install energy-efficient appliances and replace your old-fashioned lightbulbs with LED lights. As far as possible, run energy-guzzling appliances during daylight hours.

  1. Check Your Solar Panels Regularly

Solar panels are low-maintenance gadgets, but some factors can affect their performance.

Make sure you keep your solar panels clean, as dirt and debris will affect their operation. Likewise, they can’t operate in the shade, so make sure you keep any overhanging trees trimmed well back from your solar panels.

A Brighter Future With Technology

Using solar power is one of the most rewarding ways for forward-thinking homeowners who want to make a difference in the world around them.

It may soon become mandatory for homeowners to make the change to solar, so the sooner you get on board the better. As technology evolves, we’re sure to see more exciting innovations in the field of energy conservation too.

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