3 Tips for Hiring a Roofing Contractor


If your roof has been damaged during a storm, it should be assessed to see if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, unscrupulous contractors will try to take advantage of people who need to have their roofs repaired immediately. To prevent being scammed, here are three tips for hiring a legitimate roofing contractor.

Don’t Deal with Volunteers

After a large storm, rogue contractors will often move into an area temporarily and offer to make roof repairs for homeowners. Unless you’ve called a roofing company, don’t hire anyone volunteering to make repairs to your roof. Most of these roofers are not licenced, will ask for money upfront, then vanish before any work is done.

Always Check Credentials

Even if you call any of the Corby roofers for an estimate, always check their credentials before hiring them. Ask to see their licence and proof of insurance before signing a contract for repairs. In addition, go online and read reviews about their company to see what former customers have to say about their services and their employees.

Read Contracts Carefully

Make sure that everything the roofer promised to do is included in the contract so nothing is forgotten or left out. Also check that all of the fees are outlined in the contract so you know exactly what you are paying for and that the contract includes provisions for you to withhold payment until the work has been inspected and approved. Be wary of contractors who want payment in full upfront to buy supplies as they could easily abscond with your money.

If you are careful when dealing with roofers, you can avoid being scammed or having subpar work done on your home. Carefully check out the roofer you hire and make sure his or her work is done to your satisfaction.

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