3 Things That Are Checked As Part Of Your Annual Roof Service In The UK.


Homeowners always overlook the importance of roof maintenance and it is always too late before they realise that something is wrong up there. Your roof is what is protecting your home from the elements and it is providing protection for your new UPVC windows and doors. After a particularly strong storm, you need to book an appointment with your local roofing company and get them up there to service your roof. You should get your roof checked at least once a year to catch small issues now before they become problems later.

There are experienced companies who offer roofing servicing in Blandford and their services cover a wide range of things. Here are 3 of those.

  1. Tiles and slates come loose, especially after storms and these need to be put back into lace or replaced. Your local roofing service generally carries a number of the more popular tiles and can fix this quickly.
  2. Fascia, guttering and soffits are all installed to protect the roof, but also to make your home look great. After time, due to rust, they come loose and screws or brackets need to be replaced. Your roofer can do this for you.
  3. The guttering frequently gets blocked up with leaves and other debris. This stops the rain water from draining quickly from the roof and this may cause damp spots. Your local roofing company will clear out the guttering.

If you haven’t done it already this year, then call your local roof servicing company and set an appointment for a check. Fix the small issues before they become real problems.











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