3 Design Ideas for Your Walk In Shower


There are many ways to raise the aesthetic qualities of a simple bathroom. One of the most popular methods of doing so is through the addition of a walk in shower for its functionality and visual benefits. While costs may vary, one of the best things about a walk in shower is its highly customisable nature. Here are a just few design ideas that should help get you started.

  • Glass-enclosed

Having the area in your walk in shower enclosed with transparent glass is one of the most popular ways of designing a wet room. The clear and frameless form removes visual barriers and makes the area look a lot more expansive than it actually is. It also gives a somewhat luxurious feel, akin to a spa, in what would otherwise have been a regular bathroom. It’s also versatile enough that it can be positioned in a corner area, and this can be highly beneficial in terms of saving space.

  • Adding windows

The addition of a window to your walk in shower can go a long way to lifting the look of the room. As simple as it might sound, having the shower area bathed in natural light can give a comfortable and opulent sensation that you can’t usually get from artificial light. It goes without saying that the brighter the area, the more things are reflected visually. This not only adds an elegant design touch but also helps you navigate through the room a lot easier, serving as an additional safety element too.

  • Ceramic or vinyl flooring

Options are never limited when designing a walk in shower, and two of the most popular materials that are generally used for flooring are ceramic or vinyl. The former is a lot more common than the latter, particularly because of its overall stability and general longevity. While it may be prone to more chips or cracks, it usually gives a sleek and modern look to a bathroom.

But that’s not to say that vinyl isn’t a feasible and possible approach. This material stands out because of its ease of installation and ability to flex, making it a little less susceptible to cracking. The real advantage it poses comes in the multitude of different designs that are available.

These are just three of the many things that you can do to make a regular walk in shower just a little more unique and special. Its versatility in design stems from the availability of various options and materials that can be used to personalise it. This makes it stand out from the rest, providing both comfort and elegance in your home.

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