3 Benefits of Double Glazed Windows


Replacing the windows in your older home with double glazed windows offers many benefits, some of which can help offset the cost of replacing the windows. Here are three benefits you will receive from double glazing.

Reduced Energy Bills

By instaling double glazed windows, you can help keep your home more comfortable by preventing draughts of cold air from seeping through the windows. The cold air will not only cool down the room, but it will also cause your boiler to keep running to maintain a constant temperature, which in turn costs more money and puts more stress on the heating system. However, double glazing will help prevent cold draughts so your system doesn’t work as hard and you’re able to reduce your energy bills.

Double Glazed Windows

Prevents Condensation

When the cold outside air meets the warm glass of your home’s windows, it can cause condensation on the inside of the windows in your home. This condensation can damage the timber frames of the windows over time, but when the Ashford Glass & Window Co installs double glazed windows, you won’t have any further issues with condensation. The double glass and the pocket of air between them prevent condensation, as the cold outside air no longer meets a pane of warmer glass.

Increased Comfort

When you have double glazed windows installed, you will enjoy a more comfortable home during both the winter and summer seasons. Since they help prevent draughts, your heating and cooling system will be able to keep the temperature in your home consistent, so you can forego wearing jackets inside to stay warm.

You and your family will enjoy the benefits of double glazing all round long. The savings you see on your energy bills can be used to help pay for the installation of new windows, plus the upgrade will add value to your home should you ever decide to sell it.

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