2 4 Simple Keys to Minimalist Interior Design


Minimalist design creates an uncluttered atmosphere for people who prefer things a little calmer and simpler. It not only has a nice appearance, but it’s also easy to keep neat. Here are the four main keys to minimalist interior design.

  1. Function Is Primary
    When you choose to take a minimalist approach, the first consideration for every sofa, bed, nightstand, or accessory is that is does a good job of serving its intended function. If you buy a chair, it needs to provide comfortable seating. If you buy a table, it needs to seat the right number of people (and no more).
    Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell how functional a piece is. So, it’s always good to talk to a furniture expert at 1StopBedrooms who understands minimalist design.
  2. Simple Color Schemes Are Essential
    The best color palette for this style is a simple and calming one. What does that mean? Here are a few tips to guide you:
    • Use no more than three colors, preferably two.
    • Dark woods and light painted surfaces create an uncomplicated contrast.
    • Avoid fabrics with busy patterns. In fact, solid colors suit this style the best.
    • Neutral colors are very serene.
    • You don’t necessarily need an accent color for this style.
    • Rather than bright primary colors, choose colors that are at least slightly lighter or darker.
    • Choose artwork with designs that are blocks of color rather than finely-detailed realistic paintings.
  1. Smaller Is Better
    If you’re going to minimize, one way to do it is to choose smaller items. For instance, a bed that is far bigger than necessary won’t give you the simple, uncluttered look you want. And, if you would like to add a coffee table in your living room, don’t choose the largest one in the store. Instead, try to choose mostly furniture that is no bigger than it needs to be to fulfill its purpose.

Everything doesn’t have to be miniature, of course. Sometimes, a large, uncomplicated piece can still give the uncluttered look you’re going for here. Just make sure there is lots of clear, open space around it.

  1. Less Is More
    The hardest part of minimalizing your décor is to get rid of things you don’t need. For some people, letting go of objects is a painful process, even if they no longer use or even look at them. For the right uncluttered look, though, you need to be ruthless.

That doesn’t mean you have to throw away things because they don’t serve a practical purpose like for seating, sleeping, or dining. You can keep a few things just for the beauty of them. But, make sure you only keep a few, and make sure they have an unfussy appearance.

The “less is more” rule also applies to the decorative touches on furniture design. Clean, simple lines help. Choose pieces of furniture that don’t have a lot of details or embellishments.

Minimalist design is the easiest type of interior style there is. Simply follow the four rules here to create a relaxing, unworried environment for yourself and your loved ones. Select a company that offers full setup services. Then, take a deep breath and enjoy!

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