13 Kitchen Trends to Try in Your Home in 2021


Trends emerge, disappear, and come back in all their glory with new design twists and features to enjoy!

There is a wealth of design from the 21st, 20th century and further back in time that’s evolved and developed into many styles that we can now use in combination.

Now we have the ever-handy internet, where you can gain so much information on new kitchen trends in 2021. And, whether you’re a homeowner or a professional looking for inspiration, there’ll be something here that will take your fancy.

It’s time to create your own unique kitchen! We have 13 kitchen trends to try in your home in 2021, which are sure to impress! Keep reading to check them out today.

  1. Deep Single-Basin Sinks

A deep single-basin sink, or single bowl farmhouse sink as they’re otherwise known, provides you with a way to soak larger pots, pans, and dishes with ease. They’re practical if you have small pets and can even be used for babies when they need a wash and rinse.

Plus, single-bowl farmhouse sinks give a touch of rustic style, a uniqueness that sets your kitchen apart from ones with ordinary sinks and taps. Adding one of these sinks will put you on a path to a more individually styled kitchen, and they tend to give off a strong impression of quality in a home.

  1. Add a Touch of Smart to Your Kitchen

Smart Kitchens are hot on-trend at the moment. They’re about embracing future technology and can genuinely help serve your needs more conveniently in the kitchen.

Of course, smart tech doesn’t come cheap. However, you don’t have to fill your kitchen with new smart devices completely. It’s better to pick and choose certain kitchen appliances that you feel need an update. Most people tend to go for a smart refrigerator, for example.

Mixing and matching old with new has never been more fashionable as we can now confidently enjoy design ideas from both worlds.

  1. Cabinet Colors

One trend that seems to have taken root in recent years is updating and recoloring kitchen cabinets with one color scheme.

The key here is not to go with over-the-top bright and bold colors; instead, you should opt for more earthy notes or pastel-influenced colors. With softer and more rustic color choices, you’ll have a warmer and more natural feeling kitchen.

Also, try to avoid darker colors, as they will make your kitchen feel smaller.

  1. Accented Lighting

Nothing can be more potent at mood changing than the type of lighting you have in your kitchen.

Accented lighting is the perfect way to highlight aspects of your kitchen that you want to show off, and conversely, you can allow typically uglier areas of the kitchen to be more hidden. And if you’re going to change the mood, you’ll have various go-to lighting options at the flick of a few switches.

  1. Fun With Faucets

Why not get playful with your faucets and opt for some unique and quirky faucet designs.

Furthermore, you could even go with touch-activated faucets, which can be a very hygienic option, as you won’t be spreading bacteria so much. They also make your routine actions more fluid and straightforward.

  1. Breakfast Bars and Dining Islands

If your kitchen is large enough, a dining island or breakfast bar with accompanying stools are both still all the range.

By having a large counter area in the kitchen, life couldn’t be easier when you want to grab a quick bite to eat. Also, the family can come and go as they please to come to eat, play games, or even do their homework!

  1. Go Industrial

One huge trend that’s taken over in the past few years is to install a kitchen with an industrial vibe. It could have a semi-restaurant and professional feel to it, with loads of hanging lights and long countertops.

Additionally, lots of shelving, wooden floors, and the dining island we just mentioned can all add up to making an industrial kitchen delight in the home.

  1. Go Retro

If industrial isn’t your thing, you may be more inclined to have a 1970s-inspired kitchen design for a touch of retro in the home. Even moving towards early 1980s decor can be considered “new retro” nowadays.

However, we recommend that you don’t go full retro but instead embrace aspects of those eras with retro-styled seating, lighting, or colors in areas that you want to highlight.

  1. Get a Slab Backsplash

A slab backsplash is a large slab of attractive-looking stone placed on the wall behind your countertops and cooking area. It creates a seamless look of quality when you choose to match the backsplash with the same materials used for your counters.

One common slab backsplash option is a marbled look, and adding one can suit various kitchen styles – from modern through to traditional.

  1. Matte Black is Back

Adding matte black elements to your kitchen can give it a more sophisticated and adult feel. It’s a classic coloring and texture that’s neutral and so works well with whatever you match it with.

It especially works well with metals like stainless steel and even copper.

  1. An Eco-Friendly Mindset

Whether it’s your kitchen appliances or the materials used to make your kitchen cabinets, having an eco-friendly mindset is all the rage.

One way you can reduce your carbon footprint when upgrading or building a kitchen is to opt for a concrete sink. Since the concrete is likely to be locally sourced, you’ll be saving on shipping other sink types from afar.

  1. Stove Options

For a long time, electric stoves have been popular, but in a real kitchen – gas is king! Professional chefs use gas because it can be very easily manipulated to different heat levels for better cooking.

If you’re interested in actually using your kitchen for cooking and not just having it for aesthetic value, then gas is the way forward.

  1. Economic Storage Options

If your kitchen is a little compact, it’s an extremely wise idea to find economical storage options to free up some much-needed space.

There are plenty of options out there, or you could get a professional in to make your very own custom storage units in your kitchen, just the way you want them.

Use These Top Kitchen Trends in 2021

We think the kitchen trends in 2021 emphasis is all about adapting various styles and ideas into a kitchen design that’s unique and suited to your specific needs.

And if we had to pick one trend that will always remain as an essential factor in the kitchen, it has to be accented lighting. It’s easily implemented, and it can change the whole vibe of your kitchen with just the flick of a switch.

For more interior design ideas, please check out our blog.

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